Congrats on achieving Maturity
I didnt realize that I had achieved "Maturity" until I started receiving Modern Maturity grin without even signing up for CAARP!
I took my copies to work to demonstrate this status to surprised coworkers.

The link from CARRP is a reasonable place to start that leads to a whole section about Medicare Q&A.

Since I worked partially for the State of NY, it was mandated, I think, that we enroll for part B at age 65. We got a pleasant surprise when I actually retired, and found that my 200 plus days of unused sick leave was converted into a NYS account of some kind, the interest of which has paid all of our Medicare fees, with quite a bit left over for when the fees inevitably will rise with the boomer bust.

Figuring out all of the details when billing start to appear, from various labs, Docs, Hospitals, is not something suitable for the demented, mildly cognitively impaired, mildly intelligent, ADHDs, or combinations of these. Fortunately, due to the complexity of our tax returns,(farging NYS) we have a very good accountant and financial planning crew that helped us with the various decisions.
My strategery is to avoid other Doctors because there is such a strong correlation between seeing doctors and sickness!


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