Never had much need for accountants or planners. Those seem like expensive habits for life at the poverty level. Nothing really to account or plan for here.

I'm certainly not complaining though. I never have to worry a bit about money, every month the US Government deposits the equivalent of 4 weeks wages at minimum wage into my account.

When occasionally some doctor's bill exceeds my ability to pay for it I simply throw the bill away. It might or might not go into collections.

I don't credit was tanked years ago, good credit scores are rare down here where there's no money to pay the bills

Perhaps I should be more cognizant of the difficulties doctors face later in life supporting multiple cats and expensive lifestyles along with accountants and financial planners and the occasional lab or doctor bills.

My apologies to you and to the Vascular Specialists of Central Florida whose $2200 invoice was just rejected in favor of food, medicine, water and electricity.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...