There are, I think, some things that are never spoken. One is dealing with the tax code. NOBODY wants to deal with that one I seems. You are right about the Democrats but they have a problem. They just don't seem to understand what it takes to sell something. They have one group (social enthusiasts) that scare the hell out of everybody just for starters. Take healthcare. I believe that our healthcare really needs to be fixed. We are spending something like a trillion dollars that can be saved, our results are not always what they should be, we need more doctors, etc. (this list is long) The Europeans have proven that socializing, in this instance, is the way to go as they have proven that a social healthcare system is cheaper and better than what we have. My point is that they are never going to get that one done because they cannot seem to leave the word "socialist" out of their arguments and that is a killer. They also have a few other good ideas that they are never going to win on. My suspicion is that they should hire a really great marketeer to train them on how to do the job because they sure as hell don't seem to have a clue. I know, I pick on the Democrats and it gets tedious and I apologize but it remains a fact. I think that Biden would have more success, for instance, if he didn't just talk about what he wants to do but why it needs to be done. Sometime he does and sometimes he doesn't (most of the time he doesn't). I think he assumes that everybody knows what he is talking about - not everybody does.

I really hope he can get the infrastructure thing done. He does have some stuff in there, however, that tend to upset a bit. My own thought is that he should start with the stuff everybody understands, have some success and then make another run with that other stuff.

Please note - I am, if nothing else, truly expert in wishful thinking!