I got my vaccines a couple of month ago (moderna). I have often wondered if it took. The only way to tell that is to get a test that will tell you if you have got the anti-bodies. I have been asking around but nobody really knows where to go to get an antibody test. My thought was to get the test to see if it took. I am not even sure my thinking is right on this one. Say Moderna vaccine is 90% effective. If you get a test, after you have been vaccinated and time has passed, and there are no antibodies that would mean that I would have been in the 10% were it didn't take. That being the case does that mean I need to get another test?

Its odd, everybody says the vaccines work in 90% to 98%. So, if everybody got tested, and found that their vaccine didn't work it would seem to me that the right thing to do would be to get another vaccine shot?

If I am right then why does nobody seems to even want to be tested and getting another shot to make sure you are taken care of just doesn't seem to be possible anyway?