Eco-Chicken Tunnels

Now you need some Eco-Chicken Tunnels. Build a mobile one and they clear the weeds and bugs for you and fertilize the earth. Using this concept I built a 65 foot tunnel from the basement catdoor to an enclosure around the kid's old swing set and playhouse. Some cat staff call these Catios. Cats are safe and have the illusion of freedom, but they dont eat weeds or bugs! An occasional very dumb rodent still gets hunted down. My tunnel is mostly 2 ft diameter tomato cages wrapped in snow fence, but a short segment is chicken wire, that didnt stand up to winter conditions. I need to go buy some more snow/cat fence, that is now on spring sale.
They also function as weather stations, since as soon as it rains or snows, a nice wet cat wants to snuggle. I keep one of those very absorbent cloths (Shamwows) on the sofa to deal with the moist pussy problem! nono

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