I did not know about the Catholic thing. I think you are saying that the Republicans have Catholics leading their parade which is pretty interesting as the Roman Catholics, led by the Pope are busily taking down the Roman Catholic Church, right now! They have run out of priests after looting foreign priests from Ireland to Africa. In my town we have a catholic church and a catholic school and no priest. The school is failing and nobody goes to that church (most seem to have moved on to Episcopalian).

the Episcopalians, and the Eastern rites have all moved on and have female and married priests. The Catholics, a very long time ago, banned Women because they are inferior and the married because wives/husbands like to own the houses they live in (basically, greed). there was a time, however, that they did have female and married priests. Now, I guess, they just don' need no damned priests anymore. I don't think I will live long enough to see them auction off the their assets but its coming and coming fast.

So we see a church destroying itself and also a political party seemingly on the same path and led by Catholics. Kinda interesting? Oh, almost forgot. We also just put a Catholic (extreme) into the Supreme court as well.

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