Back on topic: It was announced recently that despite vaccine-generated antibodies having lower efficacy against some virus variants, vaccine-generated T-cell response has activity against up to 52 different locations on the SARS-COV2 virus. This is why almost nobody vaccinated gets seriously ill from new strains. Antibody response is immediate, but T and B-cells take a bit longer to wipe out the virus, and even longer to make new antibodies. They may be able to kill the virus without even getting to the antibody production phase. But if they did, those antibodies would be tuned to the variant causing the infection.

This is really good news, and bodes well for being able to end the pandemic. Of course, there are about 100 million susceptible people in the US, and about a billion in India, so the usual caution is needed. I heard that ultra-conservative virus-hoaxer Ted Nugent got it, and got it bad. Let's see if he gets long Covid. I guess he didn't have a helicopter to fly him to Walter Reed for an infusion of the latest Monoclonal Antibody cocktail.

We're flying electric helicopters on Mars yet you can't turn on your clothes dryer in Texas. That's because scientists are in charge of Mars, and Republicans are in charge of Texas.