I watched a couple of things on India yesterday. If they keep it up there are going to be a LOT fewer Indians! They showed Indians at religious outings, thousands of them, no masks and close together working hard, it seems, to die. There is a class of righteous right which are doing their level best to get to the Indian state of death if they had their way and, apparently, this includes themselves.

In both cases they have leaders that are simply not up to fixing the problem are are relying, perhaps, on 'special' knowledge which seems to come from "on high" one way or another. I also watched a couple of evangelical preachers who hate the vaccines and believe prayer will fix it all. Now if somebody could figure out a way to guard the rest of us from their 'spiritual', and liberty driven non-science alternative reality we could just write them off as unsavable and get on with our lives.

All that being said there is now something called a "Vaccine Passport". This, I suspect, will separate science believers from alternate reality folks. I think what will eventually happen is that Bars, and Restaurants and all the rest of places where groups go will restrict them that are welcome to them who have all their vaccines and alternate reality jerks will not be welcome. I also suspect that any bar or restaurant, etc. to which new infections can be traced will be shut down. That being the case such places will really like the Vaccine Passports as it will protect them and keep them open.

They are fighting like hell for the right to infect others but they will lose. When that starts to happen a lot of the alternate reality folks will give in just so they can get into a bar if nothing else. Its Really pretty simple. Create a passport that is official and says that you have been vaccinated and you are free from the virus (negative).