I have been closely following all election recounts and audits in search of "rampant" voter fraud (read this to mean voter impersonation fraud vis a vis voter registration fraud). I have often told my many Trump supporting acquaintances I volunteer them to count ballots, in order to prove to themself there was no fraud. Every recount/audit sustained the conclusion there was no "rampant" voter fraud.

Arizona. This is a case in which I would have volunteered every ordinary Trump supporter to count ballots, but that is not the situation. In this recount we have a person who promoted voter fraud in search of the fraud he believes exists. So it crossed my mind ... if he accurately counts the ballots he will find no fraud. So what is the game? Welllll ... he also believes in every qanon conspiracy. So I will speculate he will apply all conspiratorial nonsense to ballots as the criteria for legitimacy. Thus he will throw out a literal truck load of Biden ballots as fake, because they satisfied qanon conspiracies i.e had improper watermark (and these clowns do not know what a watermark is), printer artifacts, etc.

The report will read Mr Trump won because of rampant voter fraud.

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