So things are shaping up...Biden has, thus far, been bulletproof, Republicans are fractured and pursuing the past rather than the future, backing a candidate that probably won't run, relying on a shrinking base for their votes, and backing unpopular policies...

We have some re-districting to be done and as it's mostly in the south it will be heavily Gerrymandered to be sure those new seats are Republican.

Normally I would expect the Senate(at least) to flip in 2022 because it's an American tradition to give two years of power to a president and then publicly castrate him for whatever he may have accomplished.

But this time might be different.

Old Joe and the Democrats might be heroes!

If Trump came in like a wrecking ball, Biden came in as the repair man.

And it is my opinion that American voters are going to reward him for it in 2022. Not necessarily with a gain in seats, but at least with minimal losses....I think the House is safe, but without DC statehood the Senate may flip back to Republicans. Perotista will examine all the races and give us the rundown soon. I think the roster favors Democrats slightly.

Florida's former Republican Governor, Charlie Crist, is once again, running for governor as a Democrat. If nominated he will lose.

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