First, Biden seems to have a lot of support for what he is doing and he hasn't started any wars and actually seems to be getting out of a war that has cost more than 2 trillion dollars. I suspect that the twenty-year war and getting out probably will need more explanation after we leave and the women of Afghanistan get shut down. That, however, is not our problem. We tried, we failed and we are in good company (like Alexander the Great and the United Kingdom and Russia). Afghanistan is not called "the graveyard of empires" for nothing. We have proven, for a long time, that we are simply REALLY bad at Nation Building. Hopefully we have learned our lesson.

We are being told, these days, that our drone supply now makes up a third of our air military. If Afghanistan acts out we can send over 100 armed drones and just blow the hell out of them thereby; saving money, not spending our lives, saving big bucks, making a point, etc.