Speculation is never a waste.

Prediction is pointless though.

If things continue along their current path, Biden, and the Democrats will continue to be well liked by all but the most partisan of partisans.

McConnell has announced 100% opposition to ANYTHING proposed by Biden. Cementing the support of the most partisan of partisans. But not really anybody else.

Congressional Republicans continue to put all their eggs in Trump's basket. Making the deposed Trump the defacto President of the Republican States of America.

Americans in general do not have pleasant memories of the Trump years. The more Republican's keep shoving his ugly lying mug in our faces the worse they are going to fare in the future. His social media ban has actually been more a blessing than a curse for them.

And I speculate, that a popular president endorsing policies that poll well with Americans in general...partisans and independents alike...will be rewarded in the midterms with retention of the House.

Obama met his Waterloo in the first two years. Trump was his own Waterloo.

Biden seems to be keeping his eyes on the polls and keeping independents happy. A recipe for success you've pointed out many times.

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