Beginning with the caveat that I cannot stand Liz Cheney, I don't think she's in as much trouble in Wyoming as she is in DC. Not, of course, that she's popular right now. But here's the thing: she is well known. ANYone who runs against her will not have name recognition like she has. She'll be able to tout her roots and her constant support for "Wyoming values" - at least in the rural parts. Also, it is likely that a number of wannabes will jump into the primary. I think she'll pull 20+%, which will likely swamp the other 9 wannabes. The farther from the impeachment, the better her chances. Plus, she may get a boost from the indictments that are coming before the end of the year. Again, I can't stand her, but her "conservative" bona fides are unassailable. She's just this side of fascist, but she is on the right side of that.

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