My only hope
=naive liberal optimism.

Seems like no one believed it could be possible these cretins would do something as despicable as attempting to overthrow an election ... and yet I typed about it extensively prior to the election.

These folks are 100% batsheis crazy. There will be no loss of enthusiasm for The Trump ... leader extraordinaire .... bow down .... NOW!!!!!

So I am trying to wrap my head around this idea .... what happens to all these crazies when Mr Trump dies? It is a cult of personality ... cult of Trump. I see a lot of poseurs, but no one who has what it takes to assume Trump's mantle. Will they simply explode i.e. attempt a civil conflict? I am listening closely to their insanity.

If you want to know which way the wind blows .... stick your head outside the window.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty