The bamboo paper theory is the brainchild of Jovan Pulitzer. This guy says he can simply look at a ballot and tell if it is legit. Yep these clowns are checking if mail-in ballots have been folded ... high DPI cameras apparently can detect bamboo fibers and other Chinese grasses .... ultra violet can detect secret marks on paper ... high intensity lights can detect the Trump watermark .... a hand passed over the surface can detect engraved ballots or lithographed ballots ... etc, and I havent gotten to authentication of signatures or "suspicious" registration cards.

I would like to add, should anyone have Doug Logan's email, he should be checking ballot thickness. Yep. Trump ballots are thicker (and thus better and greater and most importantly ... legitimate) than the thinner Biden ballots, which are fraudulent.

These clowns are too frakking stupid to know or understand that there are literally thousands of tests which they can perform on paper and ink to detect .... fraudulent ballots.

ignorance is the enemy
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