Almost every day there is a story about Social Media. Usually its something about how evil it is, how uncontrolled it is, how it is unregulated, etc. It just goes on and on. I remember when Zuckerburg was saying that a solution might be that Gov step in and regulate them. I am also infavor of that. If there was ever a place that needed regulation its Social Media. Its really strange. Everybody seems to use Social Media, everybody is also very upset with Social Media. It just continues to go, on and on and on and on.

Its pretty interesting. There are two sides to regulation. One side wants no regulation. That side believes that if somebody does something that is not right then they should be pillaried and otherwise damaged one way or another. Then the plan is to hold them up as an example to serve as a warning to others of that ilk. A good example of that one is an old person, starving and begging on the street. They wouldn't be there had they made better choices when they were young would be the what they 'real' conservive would say (I have a friend would has actually said this as an excellent example of how others should behave.

The other side (the lefties) believe that regulation is a good thing and necessary for order. In the example above that old person would serve as an example of a problem and it would be up to both sides to decide how to deal with it. Its really pretty simple. Both sides get together, agree there is a problem and then try to work out a solution which both sides would agree on. This would not only solve the problem but the fact that both sides had input would also mean that the solution would not be an extreme problem solved by only one side.

The real problem with the stuff above is that BOTH sides tend towards extreme solutions. The problem thing is also at risk in that one side could say there was no problem at all. Anyway, this is, in theory how its supposed to work. The current 'problem' is that the sides are no longer really talking (with exceptions). In the case of Social Media, however, both sides would agree there is a problem. That being said the fact that everybody uses Social Media means that even sitting down and discussing the problems would probably be a waste of time. The problem with this one is that its a BIG problem wherein nobody has actually gotten past the description of the problem itself! EVERYBODY has a problem with Social Media but, I think, nobody has defined the problem they both know exists.

So, we are in a state where neither side can agree on a definition of the problem let alone the solution.

Just thought I would send this out to see if anybody is even in vague agreement. Its kinda interesting, I wrote this previously and then forgot (I think) to post it. If suddenly there are two of these I have no answer as I couldn't find the first one.

There is also the which is also kinda interesting but non-problem solving but tries. They, basically, also want to see rules/regulation.