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So I am trying to wrap my head around this idea .... what happens to all these crazies when Mr Trump dies? It is a cult of personality ... cult of Trump. I see a lot of poseurs, but no one who has what it takes to assume Trump's mantle. Will they simply explode i.e. attempt a civil conflict? I am listening closely to their insanity.
One need not look any further than North Korea for The Answer: Kim Jong Il succeeded his father, Kim Il-sung and was succeeded by his son, Kim Jong Un. Trump anticipates this same succession protocol, and Don Jr. is the designated heir apparent. There is, however, some consternation within the cult, as there is a faction that supports Ivanka over Donny Jr. Neither, however, has anything like their father's pull within the cult, so it remains to be seen if Barron can displace them. I think obtaining Novichok from Putin and hiring some foreign nationals to "prank" a relative is the current method du jour.