Biden is dealing with razor thin margins. I am kinda amazed so far. The senate has, so far, passed 12 pieces of actual legislation under Biden (who signed them all into law). Here is a link to that:

I think that is better than Obama did against Mitch (you can control the link above to show you that). We also know that Biden has to go-ahead to have at least 2 more 'relief' bill to he tune of 4 TRILLION dollars which means more money in the pot to spend as well. In other words it may be possible for Biden to buy 2022. That is particularly true with the Republicans working, very hard publicly, to fall apart.

Biden's main problem is paying for anything. I don't think he is going to be able to get any legislation through for that but I didn't think Mitch would let anything through and Biden got 12 through and, apparently thinks he can get more.

In the fullness of time......................