They are now saying that over 100 Republicans want to create a NEW Republican party (I have no idea what they would call it). I also have no idea how they would vote although they did vote the Trump line before. Cheney, for instance, was one of Trump's biggest supporters, when voting, before her fall from Grace and I doubt that is going to change. In other words she likes what they are doing but refuses to lie. Its a VERY strange world! Anyway, I think Biden is still going to have one hell of a time paying for anything.

All that being said the amounts of money Biden is throwing around has now started talk of inflation. I suspect the free money is about gone and money is going to cost. The really interesting thing will be how much the national debt goes up. We are already paying a lot even though the interest is very low. That is going to change bigtime. When that happens its gonna get REALLY interesting!

Anyway, the Republicans, I think, will continue to vote just the way they have been voting and its not gonna change. Biden, I suspect, is going to have a really unfortunate 2022 unless he can work miracles.