It's interesting: If Governor Kemp had gone along and "found" those Trump votes, he would be indicted for voter fraud by the Justice Department. If the Georgia legislature had put Trump's "find those votes" order to a vote, and then voted to commit election fraud, they would be indicted for voter fraud by the Justice Department. So if the Arizona Audit "finds" enough ballots to put Trump over the top, isn't the Arizona State Senate subject to indictment for election fraud? Or at least all the State Senators who voted in favor of committing that crime. Cyber Ninjas and everybody who helped commit that crime as well. This is like suing somebody and then having to go into court and commit perjury to make your claim.

I predict there will be a strange fire that destroys the ballots while they are in storage. Cyber Ninjas and Trump's lie lose too much credibility if they find no voting fraud. Cyber Ninjas and the State Senate get indicted if they fake up enough evidence that the FBI will disprove. They have boxed themselves into a corner. Fire is the obvious answer: Then Trumpers can claim Democrats did it to conceal their fraud.

We're flying electric helicopters on Mars yet you can't turn on your clothes dryer in Texas. That's because scientists are in charge of Mars, and Republicans are in charge of Texas.