It is a legal proceeding, which I presume will be held accountable to the laws of AZ.

Already, one of the leaders has tweeted they have found irregularities. For Trump supporters of THE BIG LIE, this is music to their ears .... it is PROOF of a stolen election. To me it sounds like it they could have found bamboo in the paper, or ink variations, non-Trump watermarks, etc, or simply a few expected miscounted ballots.

These clowns are looking for fraud ... and they will find fraud. Their supporters expect it ... no, no ... they know it and simply want the evidence which they have seen on TV shown to lying cheating pedaphilic baby eating Democrats .... thus their hatred of all who is not of the Trump tribe. In the delusional world of these people, facts would be devastating to their psyche ergo I fully expect a report which declares Trump won Maricopa.

State Senators are absolved of any criminal activities. Cyber Ninjas will be held accountable. They will throw out at least 37k votes for Biden, thus allowing Mr Trump to win the state election. If you don't think nit pickers can nit pick .... well ... nit pickers can pick nits off nits.

I suspect unless the DoJ has concrete evidence of intentional fraud by these clowns, they will simply respond to every accusation of criminal behavior as it's our opinion those ballots do not comply with our standards, or o we made a counting error, not our fault or etc. So maybe they could find the ballot lots insurrectionist Kern counted and find massive discrepancies.

Yes I believe they will get away with this fraud.

ignorance is the enemy
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