I think that some lies are illegal and some are not. Ponzi schemes, for instance, is just lies which end up with everybody losing money, and is illegal. Actually it does seem that if a lie results in somebody losing money then they are illegal. Apparently, however, at least in this country, the same doesn't apply to somebody telling lies to bring down a nation by attacking said nation with lies?

A lie is, I think, saying something that is known to not be true and cannot stand against the truth in the end. The problem is that people have a right to lie so long as nobody gets hurt or separated from their money. When that happen then, I think, some law gets broken. When, however, a nation is attacked by lies, by its citizens, then its OK.

I have a problem with that. The problem, when dealing with politics, is that those problems always seem to be lies. There should be some way to deal with those and I don't think we have any way right now.