Now look at those headlines

I look at a lot of headlines. "The Democrats" don't write the headlines. The press does. A press that's looking to stir up crap and get people to click on sh*t. It's all about the money and understanding what gets peple stirred up.

From your link...

Congressional Democrats renewed their push for a federal study of racial reparations at a committee hearing Wednesday, the latest test of whether President Joe Biden would support compensation to Black Americans for centuries of slavery and systemic racism in the U.S.

Not a push for reparations...a push for a study on reparations. But why don't we blow it completely out of proportion and say that the Dems want to start cutting checks to Black folks tomorrow!

I understand that everything has to be explained at a third grade level to most voters who have no more understanding of politics than your average toddler. I don't really concern myself with these idiots.

If they believe that Republicans best understand their desires and needs then by all means let them vote their little hearts out. Republicans invariably fail at federal governance and lose in the end. My little town is run very very well by republicans. My county government is entirely republican and they do a fine job. I'm happy with my state government under Ron DeSantis leadership. Based on his performance as governor I would be hard put to vote against him for any reason other than partisan ones.

Pero, you're a swing voter so I assume you really don't have any problems with Republicans. I have a personal vendetta against The Party...

I blame them for the loss of my business, my fortune, my health, and finally my home.

Prior to all that I was a swing voter like yourself and really saw little difference between the parties or their candidates.

But...what works at the state and local levels comes apart at the seams when it tries to become a central government and world power.

Corruption mostly. Good old boy networks are always run by the richest among them...everybody else bends the rules for them...

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...