There is one other thing about liars, particularly those that lie all the time. They are, basically crazy and have little or no connection with the reality the rest of us try to deal with. I am actually not convinced that is the problem with Trump.

As a matter of fact I am not too sure that we now have a huge number of crazy people who simply cannot deal with reality and have taken another path.

On the other hand I also wonder if its possible that this is a brand new mental illness which has taken hold, perhaps spread by the pandemic?

In any case, given that it seem we are all going to have to come to terms with dealing with these people then, perhaps, its time for the shrinks to make this a regular disease and then gov can step in and force everybody to be examined by an office lie doctor and issue a card as to whether the person in question is, or is not, officially, a liar that cannot help him/her self. If they are then you have another choice. Listen to the lies or just walk. This solution would create jobs (for lie doctors, card makers, etc) and give others a chance to just walk away.

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