I have problems with both major parties, so hence I am a swing voter. Now I do study independents, other swing voters in trying to figure out how they'll vote in any particular election. Whether their reasons are sound, fantasy or whatever doesn't matter, it's how they end up voting that does. Like it or not, it's these folks that pay very little to almost no attention to politics that decide most elections. Knowing how independents, swing voters are leaning helps in my election forecasts. But knowing that doesn't effect how I vote.

I think if I were a strategist for either party with a goal of winning elections, I'd be paying close attention to swing voters and trying to attract them to vote for my party's candidates. If Gallup has party affiliation right, the Democrats own a 31-26 advantage over Republicans. Both are a long way away from the magic 50% plus one. It seems to me both major parties are always trying to peeve these swing voters off. Neither party is interested in trying to convince them to vote for their party's candidates. It's like they don't exist for the two major parties. So they get ignored.

Perhaps ignoring them and concentrating on one's party base to make the base happy is why there is a very long history of the party out of power gaining seats in both chambers during the midterm elections. sometimes huge numbers of seats which changes control of congress.

I have no problem with your vendetta against the GOP. That's totally up to you. Now I think both major parties have strategist, that are smart enough to gauge the mood of the country and promote policies that are in the majority and put on hold policies that aren't. But neither party does that.

All it would take to put this reparation thing to rest is for Biden to come out and state, no reparations. Not to form a committee. Independents would buy that. Defund the police, once again come out and say no to defunding the police, but making the police more responsible to their local community with some much needed reforms, once again independents would buy that. Especially coming from Biden. To dance around these issues, saying nothing lets those issues fester, lets independents think Democrats are for defunding and doing away with the police along with making reparations.Whether or not they are for or against in reality becomes irrelevant. As the notion, the idea is there.

I have always said, Trump is a republican party problem. Now if the Democratic Party wants to say nothing and let independents believe they're all in favor of defunding and reparations, that is the democratic party's problem.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.