Sheep is kind of an ugly word for them but the shoe fits. I prefer to think of them as couch sitters. There is an enormous pool of them to draw from and whomever can get the most of them off the couch will win the election. America was sick of Trump so they gave him the boot.

Couch sitters might or might not be independents.

They just make up the mass of the non voting public.

Democrats are currently pushing for a Bipartisan Jan 6 investigation.

Republicans are trying to sweep it under the rug. We ALL watched it on teevee and those were not tourists.

Who is gonna look bad to the most people? Republicans, I think. The strategy(as I see it) is to make the Republicans look like the bad guys

Not difficult reaally...

Which brings us to the Rubio question...Has Florida had enough of Marco Rubio? Will enough couch sitting, democratic leaning, voters go to the polls to prevent the second coming of Trump by eliminating his minions?

A Black lady....a clever ploy and it could work. But just offhand I'd say Rubio by a nose. Rubio is a South Florida politician and it's really strange down there. Cubans generally vote Republican but the Black and Puerto Rican vote might overpower that...but Democrats are famous for getting complacent and sitting on the couch at midterms...yeah...Rubio by a nose, take it to the bank.

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