The problem with the Dems is that they never watch their mouths and that costs them bigtime. They simply refuse to learn from their mistakes and blame it on something else. When was the last time you heard a Democrat actually admit, right out loud, that they screwed up?

Much of the Florida vote are the retired and that means old folks. They tend to be hidebound and rarely change their ways. Trump, for instance, has had one of his little get-togethers right in the middle of that huge community of retired and they all like to attend those events as its entertainment as well as politics and one of the few things Trump is really good at is entertainment. They are also sensitive to words like "socialist", etc. In northern Florida its an entirely different game to be played. I remember driving through northern Florida. Before we did we were told to be very careful because that was serious red-neck territory. That was a long time ago so maybe things have changed.

So, the Dems have a chance and the question is pretty simple - can they watch their mouths? I think its that simple.