The National Commission to Investigate the January 6 attack is filling up the news. The problem seems to be to create this commission by assigned congress folk to do the job. As far as I am concerned this is simply not going to happen, pure and simple. It has been completely politicized by, I think, both parties.

I also think that this really needs to be done and Biden can do it. Create this thing with the best people he can find that will stick to the subject and get the answers. We have, amongst others for instance, universities filled with experts in the entire thing, lock, stock and barrel. Such commissions have been created before and, now, its time to get this done so we can all learn just what, exactly happened! (maybe even find out what to actually do about it and responsibilities).

Makes sense to me. Right now I am just really tired of the politics surrounding this one. The Republicans have their marching orders from their Lord and Master and the Dems have made all the points available so, again, create the commission as politically neutral as possible, get it done, and move on!

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