All I can say is good luck. I really don't think much change is possible if the other party is in charge, winning elections.

Since neither party is really acceptable, nor willing to make any changes, then "the other party" is always in charge.

Democrats are masters at incrementalism...small steps forward without actually changing anything. They give lip service to all things progressive but are as hidebound as Republicans when it comes to actual change.

As far as my personal goals, the Trump victory in 2016 was a major win. No politician has done so much damage the the Republican Party in my lifetime. Before him was George Bush...the previous worst president in history. Reagan and Nixon were pretty bad too.

My plan is going swimmingly! I will not live to see it all come together but the US will eventually embrace a more socialist approach. All this headbanging between the parties is mostly entertainment, real changes are taking place at the societal level, at the cultural level. They won't really begin to show up in the polls yet but I expect certain anomalies to occur that you will probably spot over the next few years. I hope we both live long enough to see this partisan gridlock improve.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...