Reparations, if publicly claimed, by the Dems, will lose them election. It is interesting, however. The first slave owner, in the United States was a black man. After the civil war those, now ex-slaves, were given an option to return to Africa. Many did. We dumped them in Liberia. What was interesting is that they proceded to enslave the Liberians in the American way. So, are we also going to force today's Liberians to pay reparations to those descendants of those enslaved?

I am not for giving reparations to folks because of how they were treated over 100 years ago. I am not denying, however, that they have also been screwed over in modern times and that is waaay different. They are, basically, screwed over right now! Now, THAT is something that needs to be righted! There are signs that might be happening right now. Its also interesting that those standing in the way are the Republicans. Somebody should also ask why there are blacks that support Republicans who are working against their own best interest.

One of the terrifying things, about American voters, is that they often don't have the capacity to act in their own best interest (white, black, elderly, whatever). Trump, for instance, went after Social Security and Medicare! There was NO secret and he said it right out loud. From what I see of Trump rallies a good number of supporters rely on those two to live yet they support somebody who wants to get rid of them!

I guess its just one of them things that will remain a social mystery of note.