First , the Saudis freed their slaves in 1962! Slavery, in the middle east, continues pretty much everywhere. I am told that India too has slavery which they deny loudly. Every now and then an Indian comes to New York for the United Nations and gets caught with a slave or two too. In other words, slavery is alive and well!

I have always thought that independents pay more attention to politics than those who claim a party but are not active in said party. I have nothing to base that on but it makes a kind of sense to me. I also know a lot of folks who claim a party and have absolutely no idea where they stand on anything. Republicans are an excellent example of that one. Some are 'Christians" who belong to Christ's Party and a vast variety of conservatives who are, basically, politically ignorant. The Republican party itself has no set of planks and nobody really knows, from one day to the next what it all means.

The Dems seem to be a party with members who are not Republican and, if they are not involved with the party itself, just vote Democratic because they are not Republicans.

I know, my thoughts are simplistic but that's what I see. People who are not party members seem to me to be more aware than party claiments. I have also seen a lot of numbers that claim that there are more independents than party members. I have no idea if that's true or not but that would make sense to me.