Inflation is complex. Consider Venezuela. They have the highest inflation, I think, in the world. They don't have too much money so much as faith has been lost in their money. It takes thousands of their money to buy one American dollar! The Socialists took over and, literally, destroyed their economy. Took them from the 6th richest country in the world to being flat out bankrupt. They no longer have much production, no food, no medicine, just a lot of people and many have abandoned the country as well.

I am not sure but, I suspect, money is no longer really backed by anything but faith and when that goes its the end until somebody gets it together and, again literally, starts all over again. Given the troubles we are currently happening, where many are losing faith in government and the current political system, we could join that club unless we are careful.

Another one of them; "In the fullness of time ......" deals.