I now carry my basic med stuff, like shots, on a report from the VA. Part of that report deals with my covid shots. I figure that one is about as good as I can get. I also carry my shot card as well.

I wrote to the president, a couple of months ago, asking that he get some kind of card that can be checked, if necessary. No reply no nuthin and not counting on it. My suspicion is that, eventually the bodies giving the shots and issuing the cards are going to put a reference number on each card so that anybody can go to the authorizing authority and get the facts. That should be pretty simple and easily done from a phone or computer. In my case that would be my country health department.

I actually don't get it. I have my vaccinations and should be safe. Those who have not had their shots, and have not had Covid, are, in theory, not safe. Those not safe have decided not to be safe and do not threaten me so, basically, they have chosen their road and I wish them luck but, should one of them get Covid I don't feel bad for them because that was their choice and they made it. My wife tells me that's a terrible thing. I don't think so. The Main problem is trying to get to a point where the Covid has no place to go and those anti-vacer folks are, apparently, determined that everybody get Covid before that happens, even if it kills them. I, for one, am a bit tired of whining about a bunch of folks who are determined to have it their way and screw the rest. Perhaps if they get covid a point will be made. If they don't then that's a different point I guess.

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