You may be right but I have my doubts. The current crop of anti-vaxxers are not exactly like those who won't let their kids get shots for the standards, like whooping coughs. These are people who have given up reality for their personal realities and I don't think its really about the vaccine itself although that is their claim (amongst others). The problem is that they might give you any number of reasons, many of which are incredibly senseless. These folks cannot, literally, change their minds as it just doesn't seem to be possible.

I know, it makes no sense but, it seems, that's their thing! The only thing, so far, that they haven't politicized so far is the weather but I suspect that is probably on the way. When its raining and they start denying it with rain running off their noses THEN its gonna get even more interesting!

Sorry - I have little faith..........

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