I always preferred the name swing voter to independent. Mainly because they can swing back and forth, from one party to the other and yes, toward third parties if both major party candidate disgust them. 12% of independents did vote third party in 2016 which was 9 million voters. I was one of them. No lesser of two evils, no least worst candidate among the two major parties, no voting for the candidate I want the least to lose, not win, but least to lose. I voted against both.

Perhaps non-affiliated voter rather than independent. I do believe independents vote the candidates much more than the party. History has shown that 92% of the time Republicans and democrats vote for their party's candidates regardless of who they are. I use to call them mindless robots, but further thinking, it probably is more of an ideological grouping of more or less like minded folks. I also said that voting based on just the R and or the D means on average you're voting for the best candidate half the time and the worst candidate half the time.

I also think independents are much more influenced by the personality and charisma of the candidates. A beauty or popularity contest more or less. They went for Reagan twice by huge margins, Reagan probably the most charismatic candidate since JFK. They went for Bill Clinton twice, another charismatic candidate over the less charismatic G.H.W. Bush and Dole. For Obama who was also charismatic.

Then there was G.W. Bush, not charismatic in my book, but a down home southern, country boy more or less. He won independents twice, over two statues, Gore and Kerry. Another down home country boy, Jimmy Carter defeated a stoic Ford in 1976, only to lose to Mr. Charismatic, Mr. Ronald Reagan in 1980.

For me, Trump and Hillary Clinton were about as uncharismatic as it gets. I phrase it, Rude, obnoxious vs. aloof, elitist, know it all. Rude, Obnoxious eek out a 4 point win among independents with as I stated before 12% voting against both candidates. 2020, rude, obnoxious lost to the bland, old, uninspiring Biden by 13 points which a lot. It was the disliked of and being against Trump than I would say being for Biden. But Biden was a safe candidate, a moderate democrat, nothing there to get any independent extremely upset or perhaps angry.

My take from all of this, want to win the independent vote, choose a charismatic candidate. I would say some vote the issues, but most vote the candidates based on their perceptions of the candidates.

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It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.