This is, exactly, what Obama did, ie. wasted a LOT of time trying to get bi-partisan legislation. He failed with most legislation and so will Biden. Biden's problem is his history of bi-partisan work and he is under the impression that the Republican loons will do that. They haven't, and they won't, and Mitch has made that very, very clear from the getgo.

The Dems must get off their collective butts and start doing stuff. Given the huge amounts Biden plans to spend he really needs to have the congress so he can tax the rich. If he can't do that he just doesn't and that sinks his ship. To do that he has to win big-time next year and his problems will lessen support and then the Dems won't come out in 202 which means he will lose all the way down the line.

I, for one, would love to see him get a lot of his stuff done but, I fear, its just not gonna happen. He can get the spending through but, without the ability to tax the rich he won't be able to pay for anything, and he will surely fail and that is not gonna happen without winning in 2022.

He can, however, get a 1/6 commission up and running and, I suspect, whatever they can come up with before the 2022 elections should seriously help. That being said I don't even see that happening. The Dems need to have common messages of interest - and they don't even have that! As far as I can tell them in charge, of the Dems, have absolutely no plan to win a damned thing!