If you want charisma look to Hollywood. Trump and Reagan were stars before they were politicians.

Maybe we could hire George Clooney to run. There's at least some substance there, unlike the other two.

Mattt Gaetz has announced his intention to run in 2024, plenty of charisma there...he charmed the pants right off some children. Will independents scramble to vote for him?

Do independents vote for looks? AOC is, I think, without a doubt the prettiest face in DC and definitely the best knockers. Is that what they're looking for?

Democrats will have Biden or Harris or both up for reelection. There isn't going to be a lot of choosing on the part of the Democrats and likely no primary to speak of running up to 2024.

Republicans will have Trump or DeSantis. You pick the most charismatic of that batch for the win?

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