Ah, the anti vote. 24% of all those who voted in 2020 voted against the other party's candidate. So the anti vote made up almost a quarter of all who voted in 2020. They didn't vote for any candidate, just against one. Of those 24% voting against a candidate, 68% voted against Trump, 30% against Biden. You had approximately 160 million people vote in 2020, which means 38.4 million voted against a candidate and not for a candidate. This means Biden received 26.1 million votes that were against trump, but not necessarily for Biden. Trump received 11.5 million votes that were against Biden, but not actually for Trump.


That is if my math is correct. You take away the anti voters, count only those who voted for a candidate, not against, you'd have Trump winning the for a candidate vote 62.7 million to 55.2 million who voted for Biden.

What this shows is the anti vote helped Biden hugely. It also shows how disliked Trump was. So be thankful for the anti vote.

As for being charismatic, I consider Reagan as being very charismatic, Trump no. But then again it may depend on how one defines charisma. The definition, exercising a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others. I see a lot of charm in Reagan, Bill Clinton and Obama, none in Trump. None in Hillary, Kerry, Gore, Dole for that matter.

We had elections where neither major party candidates were charismatic. Bush I vs. Dukakis, Nixon vs. Humphrey are two. Carter vs. Ford, Carter wan't charimatic, but he had that down home country boy image about him, same with Bush II. That made them in my opinion more likable to the voter than the stoic Ford or the statues of Gore and Kerry. But that is just my opinion.

Biden or Harris vs. Trump, easy. Biden and or Harris, Trump is the most disliked presidential candidate in our history or since Gallup and Pew Research began keeping track of this back in 1956. DeSantis, I don't know much about him and never seen him on TV. You'd know more about his charisma than I. I'd say 2024 all depends on what happens between today and Nov 2024. If inflation continues to rise, that gives the GOP an advantage if they stay away from Trump. Then there are any unforeseen major events and or happenings that always seem to occur.

Here's the major party presidential candidates favor/unfavorable ratings since 1956.

Highest to lowest favorable/unfavorable ratings of each major party presidential candidate.
1956 Eisenhower 84/12%
1964 LBJ 81/13%
1976 Carter 81/16%
1960 JFK 80/14%
1960 Nixon 79/16%
1968 Nixon 79/22%
1976 Ford 79/20%
1972 Nixon 76/21%
1968 Humphrey 72/28%
1984 Reagan 70/30%
1980 Carter 68/32%
1984 Mondale 66/34%
1980 Reagan 64/31%
1992 Bill Clinton 64/33%
2008 Obama 62/35%
2012 Obama 62/37%
1956 Stevenson 61/31%
2004 G.W. Bush 61/39%
2008 McCain 60/35%
1992 G.H.W. Bush 59/40%
2000 G.W. Bush 58/38%
2004 Kerry 57/40%
1996 Bill Clinton 56/42%
1988 G.H.W. Bush 56/39%
2000 Gore 55/43%
2012 Romney 55/43%
1972 McGovern 55/41%
1996 Dole 54/45%
1988 Dukakis 53/42%
2020 Biden 52/46%
1964 Goldwater 43/47%
2020 Trump 43/56%
2016 Hillary Clinton 38/56%
2016 Donald Trump 36/60%

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.