Any commission, be it bi-partisan or solely Democrat appointed, if anyone speaks ill of Mr. Trump then it is nothing but fake news and a witch hunt.

Will the commission change any hearts or minds or is it just political theater. Personally I'd rather never hear Trump's name again and I believe that most of the voting age public feels much the same way. To put him on trial again with the same jury and judge will just be more free press, more headlines and more red meat for the base.

I'd rather they go down on the books as blocking any investigation into the crimes committed that day, essentially obstruction. The FBI is continuing to gather information and it appears the attack might have been planned in advance...which advances the charges somewhat. We can do that commission any time. I'm not against it by any means but Republicans seem dead set on blocking it. They might not be good at governing but they are experts in preventing anyone else from governing either.

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