Most Americans have short memories and even a shorter attention span. I'm not saying having a investigation is the wrong thing to do, quite the contrary, it's the right thing. What I'm saying is 2 weeks to a month after, it'll be ancient history like it never happened to most Americans. Some other hot issue or major event will have taken its place. That's the way these things work.
ahhhh .... nope

for most things you are correct but not on this issue. Typically you could name an issue or scandal, and you would be right, but one should recognize the fact it may not apply to ALL situations. This is one of those.

THE BASE. I don't know how many times I can say the words, it apparently does not sink in. The base is moving the narrative, and THE BASE is not forgetting an iota of anything. Read the latest polling. Huge % of Republicans believe/know the election was stolen. No amount of auditing or hand counting by anyone will persuade them otherwise. They believe/know the insurrectionists were right to attempt to overthrow an illegal, invalid, stolen election. Why would you believe or think these folks would change their mind????

Republican Senators do not care whether you or anyone else believes they are doing it out of politically duplicitous considerations. What they care about is THE BASE which will turn them out in favor of even more radical extremists and if necessary will resort to violence to achieve their goal. With the help of a compliant media, these leaders have turned THE BASE into a savage mob of ignorant bigots.

Who is going to stop them? Not Trump and certainly not the people who have been elected already. I sounded the alarm of just how crazy these folks are before 1/6 .... should I now consider myself a voice crying out in the wilderness?

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty