The base of each party remembers everything
ok ... you missed the point.

you're thinking low level issues ... not what I am typing about nor is it what the Trump Base is believing/thinking/knowing. I am talking 1860. Yes 1860 .... irreconcilable differences with the additional flavor they don't like the America you live in. Elections are for the elites who cheat and steal ballots. When push comes to shove, they are talking civil war.

I am surrounded by these clowns. They are politically delusional. I know your response ... yeah sure but you havent seen anything like it before so it aint happening now. Yeah but you said that before 1/6 .... and still you are in denial. I think you are so cynical and skeptical of the powder keg youre sitting on, you believe it is a strange chair, but Republican leaders know the dangers of THE BASE and are scared they can not control their own people.

Mr Trump is a narcissist .... sorry if you don't believe it, and THE BASE is politically delusional and reside in Mr Trump narcissistic delusions.

You may not think, even if you should consider it true and valid, it is a problem, but it may be worse than I think it is. We live in politically dangerous times and I believe a heightened state of awareness and readiness, if called to action, is necessary for our Democracy to survive.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty