The problem as I see it, is this modern political era we've entered into. The polarization, the great divide and the mega, ultra high partisanship. In my opinion Trump is nothing more than an end result of that. Not the cause.

What was so appealing to the Republicans of Trump. He was a fighter, he wouldn't take any lip from anyone. He had no political ideology, no philosophy, he stood for nothing except himself. But he was a fighter among so many other things. Republicans were mad at their own congressional critters, for not standing up to Obama. For some unknown reason when the GOP recaptured the house in 2010, they expected them to run the government. Stupid, insane, but that was what they expected. Never mind Obama was still president, the Democrats still controlled the senate, they expected the GOP house to run the government which was impossible.

Trump, the 7 time party switcher believe in nothing or everything political depending on how one looked at him. He'd switch his positions, his political views to whichever party he belonged to at the time. He was no more than an egotistical opportunist among with a thousand other adjectives with no political beliefs. His loyalty extends no further than to just himself, no one else, nothing else.

These angry Republicans revolted against the GOP establishment, against life long, conservative ideological Republicans in favor of a man who had been a Republican for a less than 3 years when he announced his bid for the GOP nomination. For the third time being a Republican I'll add.

These angry revolter's in my opinion aren't interested in any conservative cause, although they say they are. Is Trump a danger to democracy, a threat, but not a real threat in overturning democracy. He's too unrefined, too obnoxious, too uncouth, too rude, too much like the schoolyard bully which no one likes or wants outside of his gang.

The real danger would come from a smooth talker able to take more folks in than just his gang. Granted, Trump's gang probably makes up 30-35% of America. But a more suave individual able to charm his way into more than half of America's heart would be the real danger. Not a coarse, blunt, gruff man like Trump. One who was too easy to dislike by a majority of Americans.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.