I wonder. I wonder that the United States is the third largest nation, in population, in the entire world! The first is China and the Second is India. China is pure authoritarian and India has an ongoing religious war going. The current leader of India tend to authoritarian and is pro-hindi (the religion). The United States, on the other hand thinks of itself as a small country trying, very hard, to be almost liberal and free from all that bad stuff that China and India indulges in.

If you have read the above I am sure most have have a problem with it. I suspect that main thought is that its just wrong and just not us. We also tend to think, a lot, about us. Most of us think of the United States as a single country that has freedom for everybody. I also suspect that all of us are wrong and its pretty necessary that we all start a kindofa educational effort to actually understand ourselves - ALL OF US! We got problems and the problems are, quite possibly, worse rather than better.

All I am saying is that there is a whole lot of us and we are, more and more, at each other's throats. My thought is that we had better start figuring out just why that is before we have serious problems! The pandemic is also of interest. The pandemic is a medical problem which has killed, I think, over 500,000 people! That's pretty serious. We also know how to control it and deal with it. All that being said there are, right now, millions of people who don't believe what I just said. They have turned the pandemic into a political thing which you get to vote for or against and, somehow, that will fix the problem. One of the ways to control the problem is to wear a face mask. In American these millions of non-believers actually believe that masks are somehow the tools of the evil beings that invented the fake pandemic to enslave them (really!). It even gets better! The side that believes in the pandemic think that its so obvious nobody has bothered to actually explain to non-believers why their belief is killing others! Killing others! I am on the side that believes in the pandemic and prefers not to die. The other side doesn't care and that tends to make me a bit nervous.

I suspect that the real problem is that there is simply too many of us to live under the present system with any kind of comfort. The non-believers have a solution - authoritarianism! They want a dictator to figure it all out and then we can have freedom! This is serious stuff! The other side understands that the pandemic is real and dangerous and are trying to fix it with almost authoritarian methods without really explaining anything! They think they have but - they haven't (its SO obvious - there is no need).

So, again, we have two sides and that's the problem. Neither side is interested in the beliefs of others as they are flat out right. One side believes nothing is real, when it comes to pandemic, and the other believes in the pandemic - its almost that simple! (and crazy) Hell, nobody can even win a fight like this, its like we all live in a very strange place which nobody really understands.

It dawns on me that it is actually possible to list the differences between sides as they are stark. Perhaps somebody should do that one - it would be interesting.

Sorry, on reflection I apologize for going on, and on, and on, and on.......