Trump is a different sort of thing. He had a successful TV show for something like 11/13 years! The people who watched him were unable to understand that they were watching something happening in TV Land and wasn't real and there were MILLIONS OF THEM! All they really understood was that he was incredibly rich and incredibly clever and he wanted to 'help' them to be as successful as he was. He got to present himself once a week for all those years! On top of that TV folks loved him. If they could get him on their network they were assured of watchers which, in turn continued the Trump myth - because he made money for them! They even admitted that! In other words Trump was a dream that gifted us with his reality. It thrilled his fans and the TV folk.

I am talking about a man that has a debt of something like 4 billion dollars, A man who has failed at just about everything but the business daddy made and, wait for it, POLITICS! Does it surprise anybody that a really good gaslighting liar did well in POLITICS? Those responsible were TV folk but they don't accept that. They blame it on their audiences.

I am writing this because this is really not about politics - its about Trump and the TV industry. The subject of this topic is supposed to be 'Social Media'. I would submit that TV itself is a 'Social Media' and those taking part in this particular media is the TV audience!

My suggestion to any of you who watch TV remember that they are actually watching TV Land which is NOT reality. Next time you are watching a TV show, and somebody in the room points out something wrong about something they are watching because it doesn't jibe with their reality somebody else should point out that they are watching TV Land! ANYTHING can happen in TV Land and its NOT REAL! I watch a lot of TV and know its not real! There are, however, many who think it is real. We have problems, perhaps the real way to fix the problems is to ban TV! People are already thinking of doing something about the 'other Social Media' perhaps the whole of TV needs a few rules as well. How about starting with putting up an announcement, at the beginning of every show and movie which says; "THIS IS NOT REAL!"

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