Trump is nothing more than an end result ... Not the cause.
Yes ... you started out ok with the obvious and then ....

Rationalizations, one after another. Look I get it. We havent had a coup in this country, so why would anyone think it could happen here? But there was an attempt on 1/6. You never imagined it could happen all the while I was warning this forum of the very real possibility.

The real danger would come from a smooth talker able to take more folks in than just his gang
Let's see .... so smooth talking Trump .... wait a sec .... Trump never in life was a smooth talker .... he is a narcissistic bully who speaks like a bowl of garden vegetables ... and yet ... he was able to harness the Republican base with idiotic promises of making white people masters .... what imaginary real danger of which you type??? You need look no further, we already have a real danger and his name is Donald Trump. .

You are correct about the delusional Trump supporters. They account for about 1/3 of voters in last election. So what makes you believe that is not enough people to participate in a coup??? Lenin did it with far fewer people. Hitler managed to gain power with a similar number of elected officials.

Gen Flynn at the same Patriot Roundup for God and Country alluded to gaining power through a coup. Imagine that!!!! .... a former general in the US Army willing to overthrow the government. It is well known there are many Trump supporters in the military, including a list of crazy ex generals who believe the election was stolen.

Just how many clues does it take for someone to suspect something is happening ....

Heads up ...

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty