Sorry, party or independent - it really doesn't matter to any of the Trump folk. They are voting for the myth! The myth has now taken over the entire Republican party! These people simply cannot understand that Trump is a TV myth! They cannot tell the difference. If you were to ask them if they watched him on TV they would, proudly, say that they did. They simply cannot understand what has happened to them! Its actually pretty interesting as well as sad. Over 11 or 13 years they have been converted! They got to actually watch their lord and master in action and they were convinced. The really interesting thing is that his last season was an absolute flop as he had lost the majority of his supporters which was why his show was cancelled. BUT the true believers continued to watch him every chance they got! This was widely reported and the heads of TV proudly stated that he was a real moneymaker for them as he still had admirers left.

Those believing in Trump souls watched him every chance they had! If virtually any religion had a chance to pound their belief into an audience whilst entertaining they would have gotten exactly the same response. Many are doing exactly that, ie. preaching to the believers and asking for donations. Just like Trump does, right now!

I think the trick in dealing with Trump is to first understand that what he does is flat out exactly what the evangelical TV preachers do every week. Trump is, basically following the evangelical TV preacher show plan and he has the worshipers to prove it! Praise be! The only real difference is that he is not teaching virtues so much as pure greed and he is pulling it off! Hell, as far as I can tell he is converting evangelicals to his personal religion!

Its of passing interest that several evangelicals have abandoned their support for somebody I suspect they think is actually the devil! They can't say that because it would cost them believers! They don't do that with their so called competitors and the're not going to do it to Trump. I suspect they don't because its not entertaining and would cost them believers and money to support their private airplanes, big houses, etc.

The way to deal with Trump, I suspect, is to treat him, exactly as anybody would treat the devil!

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