I think there's a difference between bipartisanship and being willing to compromise and play the game of give and take. Reagan and Tip O'Neill played that game to the hilt. In the end both got most of what they wanted, the other always received something which always helped future negotiations. Each always would come back next year to try to get what they didn't originally. With these two you pretty much knew there would be no loggerheads, stalemates, gridelock. I would say each had their own agenda and each was able to keep their agenda's moving forward. No small accomplishment.

Of course this was in a previous political era where both major parties respected the other and each realized the other had the same goal, a secure, prosperous and free America. Only the paths to get there was a bit different.

Today, there is no respect from the parties for the other. Both view the other party as this nation's number one enemy. More of an enemy than Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, terrorist, you name it. In today's modern political era of polarization, the great divide, mega, ultra high partisanship, there may be no room for compromise or playing that old game of give and take. I still wouldn't call it bipartisanship, both Reagan and old Tip were partisan as all get out, yet they could work together. I would say, both realized that politics is the art or the game of gaining the possible.Putting the impossible on the back burner for a try at it later.

We have a different breed of politicians these days. I don't like them. There's nothing for me to like in today's modern political era. What we've been going to is government by EO's and not legislation. Perhaps the intransigent of both parties to work with the other and always opposing any and every thing the other proposes is one of the reasons why. But EO's can be repealed, changed and replaced by any new president coming into the office. That is if the courts let them. Congress is becoming more and more irrelevant, but that is congress's own fault as over time they have ceded more and more of their constitutional powers to the administration and other government departments.

It is what it is whether one likes it or not. Go bold, that might be the only option in today's modern political era. If it's too bold, the midterm results will rectify that. Time will tell.

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It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.