My concern is not Biden so much as the rank and file of the Dems. The Dems seem to have absolutely no sense when it comes to running their mouths and making clever things to put on signs. "Defund the police" is one, for instance. That is, I think, why they lost all those seats in the house last year. They just couldn't control their mouths. Democrats, like Republicans, spend a LOT of time talking to each other and are pretty clueless of the other side, other than knowing they hate them. Republicans have specific messages which all Republicans stick to, its call discipline. Democrats don't. I am reminded of the wars we have had here over "Socialist". That word costs votes but that won't slow down any of the public mouths of the house. I think that they think they are right and everybody understands because they only talk to them that do. Unfortunately, for the Dems the independents don't, and the independents are the ones that can put them over the top. I am not convinced that the Dems simply don't understand 'winning' and 'losing' and I sure as hell don't trust them to watch their mouths.

So, its not so much about Biden as it is the Dems with the big mouths and thoughtless exercise of same.