the Republicans have more problems than just Trump. That have embraced lying which, in turn makes THEM liars. That's just for starters. They have also abandoned the reality most of us dwell in. It just goes on and on. The problem is couching all of this in terms that don't offend. Whoever is in charge of Dem messaging needs help, I think. If they do it right, often and loud they can win, especially if they can bring themselves to exercise a bit of old fashioned discipline.

I would be happy to hear a Democratic candidate say, right out loud to an opponent: "You have knowingly embraced a big lie which, in turn, makes you a damned liar! By denying an election, which has been tested to exhaustion and accepted according to the Constitution of the United States, means you have a serious mental problem in relation to reality which is not good for any of us and you need help. In addition to that your rejection of the Constitution also makes you a damned traitor!" (I know, not gonna happen, but it should!)

We will see, eventually what happens.