One can not simply write about slavery or economic systems independently. In this case the Southern Economic System was predicated solely on the institution of slavery.

Indeed. But economic systems generally are designed to benefit the wealthy. And the wealthy have this funny way of convincing the poors that we can't live without them....that our success depends on their success.

Trickle down economics was alive even then.

There's no denying the major role that slavery had in the war, no denying that it needed to be abolished.

But I can't think of a single worse way to fix the problem than to have a war over it and if the slavery issue had been erased from the picture I'm pretty sure the war would have happened anyway.

If the war had been erased from the picture I'm pretty sure that slavery would have been abolished anyway.

Northern industrialists had already mechanized. Southern agriculturalists still depended solely on manpower. Industry was pulling ahead economically and thus pulling ahead in controlling congress.

Back in those days there was a clear geographic divide, a clear cultural divide, and a clear political divide. Two separate economies.

All that clearly exists today are two right wing parties that keep us fighting among ourselves while they loot the nations wealth.

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